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Dutch singer-songwriter duo Tangarine consists of the identical twin brothers Arnout and Sander Brinks. With their impeccable voices and unique appearance they are indispensable on the Dutch stage. During the lockdown period, the twin brothers created a series of great pop songs. Driven by the unique sound of their blending vocals and powerful melodies, Tangarine’s new sound has the potential for an international acknowledgement.

In 2019, Arnout and Sander decided to take a break and focus on songwriting. Working closely together with producer Gordon Groothedde (known for his work with Krezip and Matt Simons), the duo wrote more than thirty songs in less than two years. They used to be known for their Americana and folk sound. However, without losing their unique sound and twin harmonies, their new songs are more pop. Also themes and lyrics changed. Arnout explains: ‘The lives of Sander and I have been extremely similar for years, until three years ago. Sander became a father, while my ex and I split up. Our parallel lives took a different direction and we had other things on our minds. These different experiences are reflected in our songwriting.’ Sander adds: ‘Being a twin is easy and difficult at the same time. It felt like we had to reinvent ourselves after these life-changing experiences. It made us realize that we are very much alike and yet so different. But one thing is for sure, our bond as twin brothers and songwriters only became stronger. It has reshaped us and our sound of music.’ In 2014 Tangarine gained a great deal of popularity after being invited to perform as the official house band of ‘De Wereld Draait Door’, the number one Dutch talk show. It gave them a big visibility boost that resulted in a rapid growing fan base. Tangarine switched from pop venues to theatres to meet this new (TV-) audience and played sold out tours. In 2018, the twin brothers were also elected as ‘best dressed artists by Esquire magazine, showing their feel for fashion and using the benefits of being twins.

This summer, Tangarine will start releasing new music. After months of hard work, they will return to the stage, performing with their band and presenting their newly developed live show.